Seeds of Literacy

Learning to read and write changes lives. It gives people access to jobs, health, education, transportation, and a chance to achieve their dreams. These are skills that should be accessible to every person. I remember as a little girl, learning to read my favorite childhood books: I Am Cherry Alive, The Little Girl Sang, Strega Nona, and everything written by Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein. When I learned that over half of the residents in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio are functionally illiterate, I knew that I had to use my passion for the written word to help make a change.

Every human being should have the opportunity to know how to read and write! These are basic skills that provide a sense of freedom and self-worth. This is why I chose to get involved with Seeds of Literacy, a non-profit organization that teaches adults how to read and write completely free of charge. Join me in their mission to provide personalized education that empowers adult to succeed in their communities. To further my commitment to the people who use this incredible organization, I’ll be donating the profits made from the sales of my book to Seeds of Literacy.

Andrea Vecchio Book | Live Your Playlist

Live Your Playlist


Hello friends! Writing a book was one of my life goals. In 2014, I published my first book, Live Your Playlist: How To Get Your Sh!t Together One Song At A Time. Mission accomplished… or so I thought. What I learned during interaction with my female readers is that sharing stories of my setbacks opened a portal of dialogue for us to connect on a REAL human level. You started sharing your stories with me, and I loved hearing the strength and depth of women’s voices. I started learning more about the power of the human spirit from YOU, my readers, as we exchanged stories about our life experiences. One day, I hope to write another book. Until then, thank you for your support of my first book! I’m excited to keep the dialogue going!

Profits made from the sales of my book to Seeds of Literacy.

Reviews of Live Your Playlist

“I truly love Live Your Playlist! It is so well written and motivating! Having been raised by strong parents and then marrying a wonderfully strong woman, I feel this book has the tools to empower its readers to attain their goals and strive for the level of success they desire.”


Food Network Iron Chef & Co-Host, ABC's The Chew

“Andrea has such a unique perspective on the world…no matter the medium, she projects a fresh voice that cuts through the clutter with a real-world directness that makes her so relatable…and I must say, very entertaining. A fantastic mix of wit, warmth, charm and smarts, she had me from the first moment we met, and I’ve been a fan ever since!”


Grammy® nominated jazz musician

“If her unparalleled personal style doesn’t captivate your loins, rest assured her piercing gaze will pick up the slack.”


Radio Host “The Alan Cox Show”

“Andrea’s story is a journey toward self-empowerment and healing. Live Your Playlist is funny, revealing, and poignant. Her writing style is distinctive, her words are witty, and I believe in her heartfelt message.”


Olympic Gold Medalist & New York Times Bestselling Author

“Andrea’s “Playlist” is music to my ears!  I have trudged through this business-of-show myself and I know that, at times, it can be as disenchanting as it is empowering to us girls.  No matter what genre of shit life throws at you, she shows you the path to help you boogie your way out of it.  Andrea polishes her vulnerability like a pair of red patent leather dancing shoes so that we, her new friends, can find our own groove.  I am proud to call her my DJ!”


Host of "Bravo After Hours," Author of Everybody Curses, Celebrity Apprentice Contestant

“Andrea is a blast to watch on TV! Always fun and engaging with her guests and a very cool person to boot!”


Emmy Award winning journalist; Former Anchor CBS Evening News weekend