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Andrea’s interviewing, branding, and marketing skills are a great resource to highlight your company’s strengths and increase your visibility in today’s high tech digital landscape!

Andrea the Interviewer

Throughout her long career in broadcast television, Andrea interviewed hundreds of Hollywood’s elite actors and directors. During that time, she also hosted her own weekly, live talk show at NBC Cleveland, logging in over 109,200 minutes of interviews. When Andrea left television and started her own production company, she created the successful digital series, Driving Cleveland.

The show concept is straight-forward: team up with a local automotive dealer and turn the cars into mobile studios while interviewing celebrities and successful businessmen and women in the city. The series became great brand development for the interviewees, the automakers, and the city of Cleveland! Andrea went on to expand the series to Boston, MA and Cincinnati, OH. Scroll down to preview a few of the series episodes.

How Can Andrea the Interviewer Help Your Company?

Why hire Andrea as an interviewer?

  • Utilize Andrea’s skills as a brand ambassador for your company
  • Moderator for webinars and digital seminars
  • Moderator or host for live events
  • Emcee corporate events
  • Host and create social media content around your company’s mission statement
  • Need video content to highlight your staff and company? Andrea can interview your employees to shine a light on their strengths and make them feel more comfortable in front of the camera

A Few Interview Reviews…

“One of the best interviewers I’ve ever met!”


The New York Times Bestselling Author, Memories Are Made of This: Dean Martin Through His Daughter’s Eyes

“Andrea does her research! I’ll remember to always come prepared for her questions.”


MLB, National Baseball Hall of Fame

“Andrea possess an innate curiosity of the people she interviews, coupled with integrity, skill and warmth.”


Award Winning Anchor & Author

“Andrea Vecchio is one of the best interviewer/journalists I know. She is prepared, easy to work with, and has the knowledge and experience to make any interview seem like a conversation with a business point of view!”


Former President United Way; Director of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

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